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Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.


  - Rae Smith

At times, it's all just too overwhelming. Something in your life isn’t working anymore. 

Your conscious intentions are not matching up with what plays out in your life. It’s as if your conscious desires get hijacked by mysterious forces.


Therapy can be a process of getting to the heart of your dilemma by identifying the beliefs and patterns that keep you boxed-in and cut-off from the larger, more satisfying life you’re yearning for. Shining a light on your unconscious story and the often unknown beliefs and assumptions that support that narrative, can bring greater self-knowledge and allow shifts that lead to change.


So what is your internal story, your beliefs about yourself and the world?

How does your story support you?... or limit you?

What are the internal patterns that have gone from being beneficial to being an

obstacle to your growth and goals?

Does your past dictate your future? Is it safe to change?






Therapy can be a safe, confidential, creative space to explore these potentially life-changing questions, and set a new course for a more satisfying life.


To get started, call for an appointment today.


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