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Energy Psychology

a.k.a. Tapping

We should not pretend to understand

the world only by the intellect. 

The judgment of the intellect is only part of the truth.  


 -Carl Jung

Simply put, tapping is an energy-based psychotherapy that uses tapping techniques in combination with talk therapy to access the body's energy system and optimize emotional health and well-being. Tapping is very easy to learn so you can apply what you learn in sessions and use it as needed in daily life.


The tapping points on the body are some of the same points acupuncture has used for over five thousand years to treat physical and emotional issues. However, instead of needles, tapping is done with your fingertips on specific meridian points, while you think about an issue or belief you’d like to clear and release on an emotional level.


Tapping can also be used to instill positive emotions and beliefs on a fundamental level. This is most effective when beliefs and emotions that block your positive intentions have first been released.


David Feinstein, author of Energy Psychology Interactive (2004) explains the effects of tapping: 


"In energy-based psychotherapy, dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior are understood as being carried in the human energy field....The fundamental treatment strategy is the conditioning of a new, undisturbed energy response to the problematic stimulus... When you change energy flow, shifts in the body's physical structure, including patterns of neuron firing, follow."


Tapping is becoming more well-known and used by licensed mental health professionals – such as Marriage & Family Therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and physicians.





Stress, anxiety, phobias,

pain management, food cravings,

and trauma are just some of the

issues tapping is used to address.

The Tipping Point

for Tapping

EFT Goes Mainstream

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